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Create Metadata

Recording, organising and consolidating human knowledge about data in an integrated metadata registry environment.

Creating metadata involves defining and creating structured information that describes and provides context for data sets and elements. Metadata development is an ongoing process that evolves with your data.

To ensure maximum value and discoverability of your data assets, continuously evaluate and refine your metadata practices to meet changing needs.

To get started, review the steps below and login from the top right side of the landing page. You can easily sign up if you don’t already have an account via the sign-up button. 

Here are the steps to develop metadata:



Determine the specific information requirements, data elements, and attributes that need to be described in the metadata.


Determine the data elements to be described, their characteristics, relationships between elements, and any applicable classifications.


Create the metadata descriptions. Include name, definition, usage, constraints, data type, allowable values, and any associated business rules.


Review and validate accuracy and adherence to the defined standards. Ensure the descriptions accurately represent the intended data elements.


Publish and share metadata with stakeholders though the metadata registry that allows access to metadata by users across NSW Government.


Establish processes for ongoing maintenance, including capturing changes, updating metadata descriptions, and managing version control.



For more information on how to create metadata using Metadata.NSW see this page - Creating Metadata

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