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Metadata.NSW (beta)

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About Metadata NSW Metadata.NSW is a centralised system that enables users to manage and organise NSW Government agency metadata, otherwise known as data about data. Metadata refers to the descriptive information that provides context and understanding about data assets, such as data assets, files, documents, services, or applications. It includes attributes such as data source, data format, structure, definitions, quality, ownership, access procedures and other relevant details. It allows users to search, discover, and assess the suitability of data assets for specific purposes. 4
Cross Agency Metadata About NSW Government Cross Agency Metadata 1
User Guide Introduction to the User Guide and how to access guidance on various functions of the Metadata Registry. 0
What are good data principles? The FAIR data principles are a set of guidelines aimed at promoting the accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of research data. FAIR stands for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. These principles were introduced in 2016 to address the challenges of data sharing and maximise the value of research data. 0
Data Dictionaries A Metadata Registry is a broader, enterprise-wide repository for managing metadata across different systems and databases, whereas a Data Dictionary is a more focused documentation tool that describes the structure and properties of data elements within a specific database or system. While a Metadata Registry provides a comprehensive view of metadata across an organisation, a Data Dictionary offers detailed information about individual data attributes within a specific context. A data dictionary is like a guidebook that explains what all the information in a database means and how it's organised. It helps people understand and use the data correctly, leading to better consistency, accuracy, and efficiency of reporting of data. 0
Use Metadata Provides guidance on the different uses of the Metadata Registry and metadata. Includes links to Aristotle Metadata Registry help. 1
User Stories Users of the metadata registry can find metadata and download it as a self service activity. 0
Metadata Terms Glossary A list of terms introduced in Metadata.NSW and their definitions. 0
Create Metadata Developing or creating metadata involves a series of steps. 0
Govern Metadata Metadata governance is a way to manage information about data within organisations. 0
Human Services Dataset (HSDS) A comprehensive and anonymous dataset created by combining de-identified information from various NSW Government services and some Commonwealth Government supports. 0